Time gone by... a girl *still* loved so much

Hi My Sweet Mirah,

This post is so impromptu that I don’t have any pictures to go with it. I haven’t written for such a long time I didn’t want to have any reason NOT to write so I gave myself permission to just do it, no pictures and all.

You are 19 months old now. Every time I say that I can’t believe I am talking about you. I know that someday I will being saying 19 *years* but for now, this seems old. Your daddy and I have been having such a good time with you lately. You are really blossoming into such a beautiful little person. So many times during the day you do something and I think to myself, “I really need to write that down so that I can put it on the blog.” Well, as you can see that since we’ve been so busy these past few months not much has made it here. I do have some things that I want to remember from this week.

Yesterday we got you a potty! You were very excited and you knew that THIS ONE was JUST FOR YOU. IMG_0087

Ok, so I DID have a photo after all! Anyway, you really love your potty. You have some idea of what it’s for, yet you haven’t performed the pertinent activity on it as of yet. We are very hopeful however because you have already pooped AND peed RIGHT NEXT TO IT!! Perhaps you are just having a timing issue. We’ve got time. Nice socks by the way (Mommy’s).

Another big event happened this week. I am not even sure if I should tell you this one, though, because you may hold it against me in the future. Oh well, here it goes..... Mommy *almost* lost Bunny. After much looking I found him here:
Poor Bunny! He apparently fell out of the stroller on the way back from the park with your BFF Audrey and new babysitter Carmen. Phew! I was so relieved. I decided that either Bunny needs a GPS microchip implanted or he is not allowed to leave the house anymore.

3. (I can start counting here no biggie) You started calling Daddy “Dada” again this week as opposed to “Mama” which you had been calling him since his return from Budapest. I think you were teasing him. hehehehe.

4. You ate chicken that was not in the form of a nugget!! For the past few nights I have been experimenting with a new strategy at dinner. It’s called “Mirah eats what Mommy and Daddy eat.” Recently after a conversation with our neighbor who was serving salmon, potatoes, and salad to her young children, I decided to try out her strategy. She said she serves dinner and that’s what available to eat. If her kids don’t eat it, they miss out on dinner. It sounds harsh, I know, but I decided to give it a try. Tonight we had chicken, rice, and vegetables with peanut sauce. Given that you don’t do peanuts (as per advice of your dr), we skipped the sauce for you, but gave you the chicken, rice, and steaming carrots. We set it on your cute little plate and continued on with our meal. You were very happy to have your plate and fork and especially happy to be at the table in your booster seat. At first you just played with the food, trying out different methods for using a fork all of which had nothing to do with bringing food from your plate to your mouth. Then, out of nowhere, after Daddy had already gotten up to do the dishes, you took a giant bite of chicken! Hooray! And then another one! It was an exciting moment! I saw my future with many less chicken nuggets in it.

5. “Ya!” Not so long along you discovered the communicative magic of the word. “No!” So clear, concise, and to the point. You used it obsessively. I appreciated your new found expression, but hoped that you would soon learn “No’s” nicer cousin “Yes” and you have! Actually you say “Ya,” which is even cuter. In the morning I ask you, “Mirah do you want to have breakfast now?” You say, “Ya!” Then “Mirah should we do this...” “Ya!” “or this” “Ya!” Of course you don’t agree to everything by far, but it sure is nice to have both options available.

I really need to go to bed now so that I am not crabby, tired Mommy tomorrow. I’m glad I sat down to write this to you tonight. I am going to be doing this more often again. The days with you are so interesting and wonderful. I just remembered one more moment from this past week that I want to end with.... A few nights ago you weren’t feeling very well and you wanted to be held. When I tried to lay you down you stiffened up in protest and let me know that you really needed your Mama. Feeling tired (as it WAS the MIDDLE of the night) I first had a thought of “Ugh. Not now. I’m so tired.” I picked you up anyway. Then as I held you I felt in my arm how much you have grown. Your legs hang down so much lower than they used to. You are definitely not a baby anymore. I felt that. I thought of the days ahead when you would be too big for me to even hold you like this anymore. I squeezed you tighter and enjoyed that moment with you, my little girl, who I could still hold and love in the middle of the night.

Kisses to you my sweet. Good night.