on parenting


So, when you have a blog about your child everything that happens during the day becomes a running hypothetical blog post in your mind. I have way too much in my head right now so I am just going to get it all out. Here's how my day has been so far....

Mirah got up at 6 am. I fed her and tried to coax her into another hour of sleep but it wasn't happening. So we play a little and I eat some breakfast. Then around 7 we snuggle on the couch. She falls asleep and I realize I need to get up and take a shower since I have two things I need to be at today. Two things, seems simple enough right?

Ok, so Mirah's napping I tell Nick (who is still in bed) that's she's sleeping and I'm going to take a shower. He mutters some nonsense but agrees to listen for her. Get in the shower.... Nick opens the bathroom door and I hear whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! What's going on? Nick thinks she's hungry, but I just fed her not too long ago! "Ok, well then maybe she was just freaked out that she woke up and you weren't there." I hurriedly wash the soap out of my hair and get out to settle the little one. She decides that YES, she would like a little snack. Done. Next I have to make a fruit salad for the picnic at 1. Done. Simple. Get ready. Get Mirah ready and head out to our breast feeding mommies group that I got coaxed into signing up for the day prior (details not important, just wasn't sure if I wanted to go).

The mommy group was great. I learned a lot. However I realized how much I didn't know. I've kinda put my books to the side and have been winging it the couple months. Now I was hearing about introducing solids, using sippy cups (the ones with SAFE plastic), changing eating patterns...... all these things that are just on the forefront for me, but I haven't really even thought about. I get a little freaked because I feel unaware, but then I am quickly relieved because I realize that I am actually learning about all this stuff as I sit there. Good. I don't need to run home and read, read, read.

I make plans with some of my new mom friends to go swimming tomorrow morning. Fun. Look at the clock. OMG, it's 12:30! I drive home pick up the fruit salad, check my email to see if the picnic is still a go (light drizzle out). Yes, it is. I get in my car and drive to what I think is "Edgerton park" Hmmm... no one. Call nick. "Will you look up Edgerton Park and see where it is?" He does. "It's the one right around the corner from our house, Sara." Oh man. I look at the sign at the park I was actually at.... "Edgewood Park" Darn. Head back toward home. Take a wrong turn. Oops. Traffic jam. Mirah meltdown. Reach back and blindlly insert pacifier into her mouth. ok, calm. Where am I? I call Nick.

Back on track. It's only 1:15, not too late yet. pacifier falls out. I put it back in. falls out. back in. falls out. She's hungry. Now! By this time I am actually close to home and since I don't even know for sure if the picnic is a go, I decide to stop at home and feed Mirah. Done. Now it's 1:50. Hmmm.... I'm pretty late, but I do want to see everyone so I pack up Mirah again and head over to the park (still a light drizzle). Finally I roll in an hour late and everyone laughs. I am happy to be there cuz, I am STARVING. Eat a little, talk a little. The rain picks up a bit, so everyone decides to pack it up.

Off we go home. I get home and Nick's working on my website like he has been for the past week straight (100+ hours.... obsessed, yes). I appreciate his work though. I put mirah in her swing because by this time she REALLY needs a nap and she's approaching a serious meltdown. Check my email. Get details for swimming tomorrow. Respond to some other friends emails. Dig through my drawer to find my swimsuit. Try it on to make sure it's public-worthy. ok it's fine. Nick leaves with the car. Mirah still sleeping. As I am writing to tell another friend about the swim meetup tomorrow I realize that MIRAH DOESN'T HAVE A SWIM SUIT and then I suppose she needs some SPECIAL SWIM DIAPERS or something, too! Oh man.

And now we are up to the present. I type as fast as I can, and feel guilty because I need to be getting some work done for my business. I like this journal though. It's important to have a record of the early days. Well, I better get going. Thanks for listening. I need to turn off that swing and bring Mirah (and myself) back to reality.


Ready for my black belt

Since becoming a parent, I've noticed an erosion of my ability to recall information. I thought the pregnancy induced preg-nesia was bad, little did I know that mom-nesia was right around the corner. It has happened more than once that I have had to abandon a story mid-stream because I couldn't remember enough of the pertinent information to make it worth telling. Therefore when I picked up a Sudoku book for Nick the other day and chose level "brown belt" - namely, hard to solve puzzles, I figured I wouldn't even give them a go. Nick's been using these puzzles as a respite from the frustrations of dissertation writing. Since he is in full-writing mode these days he is blowing through the puzzles like he's Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator.


As it turns out, I did finally take a shot at the "hard to solve" problems. And what did I discover? It appears that my waning recall skills, have been replaced by a super ability to problem solve. I've been blowing through them like...


Tonight as I rocked Mirah to sleep I happily solved two puzzles like it was nothing. When she looked like she was sleeping deeply enough I transferred her to her cradle. As I walked away in the darkness, I wondered about my newfound ability. I looked back at the little one sleeping in her cradle and realized that parenting involves a tremendous amount of
attempts at problem solving. The difference between parent problem solving and the Sudoku kind is that with the latter a clearly defined solution is possible.

Aaaaahhh, sweet relief. Like Nick, I feel the relief of the frustrations by filling in the blanks and KNOWING that I have made the correct decision.

With all the wonderful challenges my sweet little Mirah brings about in an average day, I think I better go get the "black belt" level Sudoku book. And with the great words of Vanilla Ice, sing to myself

"if there was a problem yo, I'll solve it."