Mommy's birthday

Hi. It's Mommy here. It was my birthday on the 16th and we had a great day. Auntie Amy is here. She and Daddy took care of things so that I was able to relax and spend time with Mirah. Here we are resting. Mirah loves to hold up her little pinky. She placed it on my lower lip while I talked on the phone. What a funny girl!

Little Mirah got me a balloon and beautiful spring flowers!

We took Mirah to the Natural History Museum. I just wanted an excuse to stroll her around.
I kept saying look how cute Mirah looks here...... and over here.... and here!

Mirah saw a T-Rex

primate skulls

And bears..... Oh My!

It was a wonderful birthday. Thank you Nick, Mirah, and Amy!

Here's a video of Mirah playing with the balloon she gave mommy for her birthday.

To be young and loved

We love you MIrah!!!

Early V-day present

Daddy bought Mommy and Mirah an early Valentine's Day present. He saw these cookies at the store and couldn't resist getting something special for his two sweethearts.

Getting her nails done

Mirah received her first manicure today.

Mirah is home!!

Mommy and Daddy were so excited to finally have Mirah home with us. Steve made Mirah a mix cd so when we got home we played it for her while we took turns rocking her. Mommy and Daddy both cried because they were so overjoyed. We had no problems at night. Being the sweet little girl she is, Mirah slept most of the night. Mommy and Daddy also held her all through the night. As the picture shows, we couldn't put our beautiful girl down for a moment. We love you Mirah and thank you for giving us such a wonderful night.

Leaving the hospital


This is Mirah's last moments at the hospital. We were so excited to bring her home. The picture shows the first outfit Mirah ever wore. It was a gift from Auntie Chatarina and Uncle Mike. She's a very lucky girl. She's already received so many presents. She says "Thank-You" to you all


Mommy was so happy to finally hold Mirah in her arms. She stayed really relaxed in labor and things went so well that the nurses called her their "birthing idol". While she was tired after the big event, this smile stayed on her face for hours and hours and hours.

Hello World!!

Happy Birth Day Mirah!! You were born February 1st 2008 at 11:15pm. Mommy called Daddy at 5(pm), we went to the hospital at 9, and at 11:15 you were in Mommy's arms and Daddy was looking at his beautiful little girl.

We hope to be the best parents we can be and to show you that with a bunch of love in your heart the world is magical place. We love you and happy birth day once again.

(By the way, Daddy was wondering if this is your "zero" birthday or just your birth day...You'll see he thinks about weird stuff like this a lot.)