Videos from Seattle

Here are a couple cute videos from our trip to Seattle.

Friends at my house!


Here is a picture of some of my friends : Izzie, Hannah and Audrey.
I like my friends.
They came to my house.
We can all sit.
I shared my toys with them.
We had fun.
Mom made banana bread.
I was proud of her.
What is banana bread?


Hanging with Friends


Mirah's a busy girl these days with lots of good buds. To see more visit the photo gallery page.

Mirah has some new friends


Mirah had some friends come over for a visit this week--- Tai and Juliet. Tai just turned one in February. He was very curious about Mirah and really wanted to touch her. Tai's mom, Juliet, is a great friend of mine (Sara:)). She's been such a great person to know as I went through pregnancy and now have entered into motherhood. I promise I will get a pic of her up here sometime where you can actually see her!