Family, NYC

New York Ci...Tay!

Big City, Big Glasses.

Daddy help!

Mirah getting her hands and face cleaned up by uncle Scotty. Notable because of the way Mirah was mesmerized by Uncle’s incredibly gentle method.
Mirah sitting on Baby “Ernie.” (hehehe)

And then a trip to NYC!

Next we went to NYC to see Uncle Scott, Adriana, Grandpa Bill and Grandma Linda. And just like in DC, Mirah , you wanted to walk the city streets like a big girl. You played in Central Park and discovered that sand on the feet is... weird. After playing in the park, Uncle Scott and Adriana took you off by themselves and the rest of us went to a movie. This was a really big deal to your parents. Seeing a movie in a theater is something we rarely get to do anymore. I think you slept most of the time you spent with Uncle and Adriana. I do know that when you awoke, Uncle immediately sent a text message to Adriana (who was in the dressing room at the Gap) that said, "She's awake!" I think he was worried you might start crying and that he wouldn't know what to do. You wouldn't do that to your uncle, would you Mirah?