Grandma Maddie Visits!

In celebration of her 60th birthday, Grandma Maddie came out East for a visit! When she got here, I put her right to work. I was desperate for some extra help, and hey, what are moms for? Then we drove down to NYC for the real celebration. On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day with Adriana's family and had some delicious Cuban food. Yum.


The highlight of Grandma's trip to NYC was her 15 seconds of fame on the Today Show. We got up early and went to Rockefeller Plaza with a bright pink sign.... Grandma had her 15 seconds of fame with a quick interview by Al Roker.
Mirah in NYC and home 5-6-09 035Mirah in NYC and home 5-6-09 032

Walking with Grandma in the Park, NYC.

And of course, playing with Grandma Maddie.
IMG_5598Mirah in NYC and home 5-6-09 099

Grandma Susan's Visit!

Grandma Susan made a spontaneous visit out here right before Easter! As you can see by the video Mirah had a wonderful time with her Grandma.

They went for many walks together. Grandma would just have to say, "Mirah let's go for a walk!" And Miss M would run over and grab Grandma's hand. It was very sweet to see. Nick and I got to go out one night. It was great. We realized it had been a really long time since we had gone anywhere together at night. And of course, wonderful Grandma did some cleaning while she was here.

Cousin Rebecca, Kailani, and Great Aunt Karen came over for an afternoon together too! Mirah and Kailani took turns pushing the babies around in the stroller and swapping apples. Hopefully we will have more fun times together with the Hart-Thackers this summer!

A trip to DC way back when.....

Dearest Mirah,

It's been awhile. I know. I've been very busy with work and I'm sorry that this blog has been pushed to the way side. I am hoping to make it up to you with a little catch up. Here we go....

At the end of February Daddy, you, and I drove down to Washington DC to visit Uncle Mike and Auntie Chatarina. You know, Mirah, Auntie has a baby growing in her tummy. The baby (who we call "Ernie" (thanks to Grandpa Larry)) will be your cousin. Sometimes pregnant women do strange things. Look at what Auntie ate for breakfast one morning:


Yep. Ice cream, whip cream, merengues, blueberries, and bananas! And with that look in her eye, do you think she shared?!

Just kidding. That was an over-the-top delicious dessert she made for us while we were there. Unfortunately you were asleep in bed and missed out. Someday I'm sure she'll make one for you and cousin "Ernie."

It was a quick trip, but we did venture out to Georgetown where you wanted to show everyone what a big walking girl you are now.


On the way home we drove through a terrible blizzard. You slept. Daddy drove. Mama tried her best to stay calm. We made it home safely. Next time we'll check the road reports before heading out with you.

Trip to the ER

We have finally returned from our great arctic adventure to North Dakota! Today it's cold in Connecticut, but it is still nothing compared to the frigidity that those tough folk have to endure. Enough about the weather now. Our time in Williston was wonderful. Mirah got to spend lots of time with all of her grandparents and great grandparents. Nick and I enjoyed loads of freedom as the grandparents were so eager to babysit. We had only one set back on the trip. Mirah's trip to the ER on Christmas Eve Eve. Here's the story.... My mom (Mirah, that's Grandma Maddy) teaches a spinning class that I loved attending. On the night of class, Nick offered to watch Mirah and my friend Melissa's girls (ages 3 and 16 months). Before we left for class I made Melissa's girls a quick snack. Peanut butter sandwiches (dun, dun, DUN!) I didn't think of the fact that Mirah could end up getting some of it. I feel like I should've, but I didn't. Class was great. When we got home Nick, his mom (Grandma Sue), and (Auntie) Amy were there. As soon as I walked in the door he says, "we've had a bit of an emergency." "What?" I asked. "Mirah has hives again." She's gotten them before, so I wasn't initially too worried. However, once I saw my poor baby girl's swollen face I became more concerned. We were to give her some Benadryl, but because the box isn't labeled for her age we weren't sure how much. After recommending the Benadryl to Nick, my dad (Grandpa Bill) stepped out to pick up his dinner. Nick realized he hadn't gotten the dosage information from him. From there, we call everyone in town whom we thought might be able to reach him. Calls were going all over the place and finally we got a dosage from the pharmacy, I think we also talked with Dr. (Great Aunt) Lenhart out in WI, too. After the Benadryl, not much happened. In fact, she starting coughing. At that point we were worried and decided to take her in to the ER. Also, by that time we had talked with G. Bill and he suggested giving her a little more Benadryl. We all jumped in G. Susan's very wonderfully accomodating Acadia and headed to the ER. Shortly thereafter, Mirah started to look better. She must have been feeling better because she got very talkative and animated. I think the Benadryl made her hyper. We had a couple nurses look her over and finally she got some Prednizone. The nurse said her airway was swollen, a sign of allergic reaction. Argh. We're not certain what caused it, but it is likely to be the peanut butter. I've always loved that stuff and now I can hardly eat it. Not knowing for sure, we are going to be safe and keep her away from nuts for a good long time. It will be a topic of discussion at our next Dr's visit. Luckily the Prednizone worked like a charm and by morning Mirah was chipper, welt-free, and ready to celebrate Christmas! Whew.

Happy Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving we drove down to Uncle Mike and Auntie Chatarina's place in D.C. Grandma Susan and Grandpa Larry flew in as well. Chatarina created a beautiful and delicious meal. Mike made Grandma Kroll's bangs and Amy made Grandma Gunlikson's banana cream pie. Also, Nick and Mike had made G. Gunlikson's pumpkin pie the night before. Yum.

We went to the zoo after the meal and Mirah got to see some a gorillas, tortoises, snakes, a hippopotamus, elephants, and a panda! Grandpa Larry thought he might hire on some chimpanzees after seeing what they could do with rebar.

Mirah had a wonderful time seeing her grandparents and aunties and uncle. For Daddy and I, we got a special treat, some time to ourselves. Grandma and Grandpa watched Mirah in the evenings.... so wonderful.

November Visitors!!

At long last, I am finally posting about our very busy November. The festivities started with a visit from Auntie Amy.
Then Rebecca and Kailani came over for some fun.

And to our surprise Boxhead Jimmy was in the neighborhood! Lucky!

Uncle Mike, Auntie Chatarina, Uncle Scott, and Auntie Adriana came to visit

We have been so blessed with family visits lately!! The Aunts and Uncles came (A. Amy is coming in Nov.) to see us recently. Uncle Mike very happily brought along his shiny new X Box 360 so that he and Nick could play "Rock Band" together. Mirah was sleeping when they arrived, somehow they managed to rock out and she snoozed away. Chatta and I even got to play a tiny bit. The next morning Scott and Adriana arrived. Mike got to eat Indian food for lunch. This made him very happy and it's important to keep this uncle happy. Then we ended up going for a boat ride around the Thimble Islands. They are small islands with mansions on them. The weather was windy and chilly. We managed to have a good time anyway. Nick stressed out both of the Uncles by taking Mirah up and down the stairs of the boat to several times. I wasn't phased. I am used to that level of energetic exploration and I'm glad M's got an adventurous papa.

Nick had big plans to make a delicious Cuban meal for us all, but due to the fact that the electricity was out all morning, his plans were delayed. After a series of unfortunate events (the most unfortunate being finding the oven OFF after the roast had been "roasting" for 1/2 of the 3 hour roast time- I swear I didn't do it), we ended up opting for pizza. We did get to eat the cake he made from a new cookbook we have. It was very tasty and used agave nectar instead of sugar (there goes your nerdy mom again, Mirah). Everyone was very satisfied, but Nick with his high hopes, was a little disappointed.

It was such a fun time to have all of them here. Mirah fit in quite well with the group and she beamed with joy all weekend. Except for one moment....


Uncle Mike "shared" his B with Mirah. The picture says it all.

Grandma Maddy's visit

Grandma Maddy came to visit!! It was Uncle Scott's birthday on the 11th so we went to New York to celebrate. Mirah went on her first subway ride, tried some watermelon (loved it), visited the giant FAO Schwartz toy store (fell asleep and we kept shopping much to U. Scott's dismay), rode on the carousel in Central Park (way too fast), and smiled at people on the subway. She liked the city because of all the people and things to see, but by the end of the day she was exhausted (mommy, too). After our nice visit with Scott and Adriana, we returned to CT. The fall colors were in full force and the weather was perfect. We took a walk at the beach, picked out a pumpkin at a pumpkin patch, ate peach pie (not Mirah, sorry honey), went shopping for Mirah, went out to eat, ate cupcakes while looking over the city (no cupcakes for Mirah, sorry again), hiked Sleeping Giant (Grandma was happy when that was over), ate homemade pumpkin ice cream at Wentworth's (definitely taking you there, M, for your first taste of ice cream someday...)and took some nice walks around our neighborhood. Mirah loved having her Grandma here. She was working on tooth #4 so somedays she wasn't feeling her best. Grandma loved her up and made her laugh. Mirah caught a few moments of Days of Our Lives with Grandma, too. (see pic on photos page). I sat her down while Grandma was watching. I ran around gathering M's things preparing to go out. She didn't move a muscle. Oh honey, I'm sorry but that is the last of "Days" that you will be seeing around here. Maybe you can catch some more at Great Grandma Gunlikson's someday. I think she watches it, too!
It was so nice to have Grandma here. We are so thankful for her visit.

IMG_3676IMG_3697 IMG_3690 IMG_3741

Mirah Meets Kailani


Last weekend we took a day trip to RI to visit the Hart-Thackers. (HERE is a link to the gallery) Mirah was feeling like she needed to see some fam her own age. So off we went to introduce M to her 2nd cousin Kailani Dove. It was a fantastic day. The weather was perfect. Rebekah and Eddie got to surf a bit. Mirah took a nap on the beach. Kailani found the perfect holding rock. It felt great to be out in the fresh air.

It was so much fun to see the two gals together. Kailani was quite fascinated with Mirah. She especially liked touching her head. She must know that much wisdom resides in that little noggin. Rebekah cooked up a delicious and very healthy meal with greens from their beautiful garden. We ate and the little ones chatted it up on the bed. It sounded like this....

Mirah : aihhhh, gooooo, eeeehhhh!!!

Kailani: eiiiihhh, gaiiiiii, gaaaaaa !!!!!

and so on...

Which most likely meant something like.....

M: "My mom is soooooooo weird" "She, like, totally embarrasses me ALL the time"
K: "I know, cuz." "I know" "Mom's are weird"

and so on.....

Mirah slept on the drive home. Dad drove. We got home around 11:30pm. Exhausted. Bed calling to us. HOWEVER, as soon as we got into the house little M decided it was time to party it up. I, the weird Mom, did not get her to sleep until 1:30am. Next morning..... travel hangover.

This Monday we travel to ND to visit M's grandparents. Getting to North Dakota is about as easy as flying to some remote village in Uzbekistan. If we can make it to ND in one piece, we can go anywhere.

Auntie Amy (who is hot and single) visited again!

Auntie Amy was in CT again visiting us. We had a wonderful time of course. Amy really helped me (Sara) out a lot since Mirah was going through a fussy stage and not sleeping very well.
On my birthday she used her brilliant baking skills and made me a very delicious Tres Leches cake.... yum.

Auntie at work while I talk on the phone... hehehe.

Chubby Cheeks being burped by Auntie.

Mirah looked very beautiful in one of the MANY outfits given to her by Auntie A.

Cuddling together, something Mirah and Auntie do a lot! On one occasion Mirah was lying on A's chest and she pushed herself up with her arms. Auntie was so proud!

Grandpa Bill and Grandma Linda were here!

More Grandparents!!! Can you believe it?!? This girl has lots of people who love her!! This past week Grandpa Bill and Grandma Linda came by to meet little Mirah.

Grandpa and Mirah rocking together and contemplating the mysteries of life.

In the arms of Grandma Linda.

New swing!! Yay! And the grandparents even put it together!

The Krolls were here!!!

The Kroll family was all together to meet Mirah last week. We had a great time together. Here are some pictures of that show just how much Mirah is loved by her family.

Grandma Susan rocked and rocked little Mirah while Grandpa Larry...
slept and cuddled with his baby doll.

Auntie Chatarina and Auntie Amy snuggled with the little one...
And Uncle Mike and Mirah nestled to become good friends.

Grandma Susan is here!

Grandma Susan arrived today. As you can see, it didn't take her long to get comfortable. Two phones, a coupon book from Babies-R-Us, some peanuts, some baby books, a rattler, a diet Coke, and most important little Mirah. Mirah already loves Grandma Susan very much. When Grandma rocks her, she falls into a deep comfortable sleep.

Grandma Madelene's visit

Grandma Madelene had to go back to North Dakota today. We had a great time together. Grandma did lots of cooking and cleaning to help Mommy and Daddy. Plus, she spent many hours holding Mirah so the she would feel warm, cozy, and loved.

Uncle Scott and Adriana

Uncle Scott came to visit again today and he brought Adriana with him. Adriana brought a gift for Mirah, a really cute outfit. What a lucky girl. We put her in it right away and she looked as pretty as ever. Mirah says thank-you and she hopes to be seeing a lot more of Uncle Scott and Adriana.

Great Aunt Kate

Mirah's Great Aunt Kate visited today. She was in Hartford for meetings and lucky for us she had some time to drive up and see our little girl. Kate thought that Mirah looked a lot like Daddy. The next morning Daddy overheard Mommy telling Grandma Madelene that she hoped that some of her traits were passed on to Mirah. Daddy thought to himself that Mirah would be a lot prettier if she looked like a girl rather than a boy. So, he hopes that Mirah looks like Mommy too.

Uncle Scott


Uncle Scott came to visit Mirah. It was the first time he held a newborn. He did a great job. Plus, he brought a gift for Mirah, one that will let everyone that she is truly a Brooklyn girl.