Grandma Maddie Visits!

In celebration of her 60th birthday, Grandma Maddie came out East for a visit! When she got here, I put her right to work. I was desperate for some extra help, and hey, what are moms for? Then we drove down to NYC for the real celebration. On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day with Adriana's family and had some delicious Cuban food. Yum.


The highlight of Grandma's trip to NYC was her 15 seconds of fame on the Today Show. We got up early and went to Rockefeller Plaza with a bright pink sign.... Grandma had her 15 seconds of fame with a quick interview by Al Roker.
Mirah in NYC and home 5-6-09 035Mirah in NYC and home 5-6-09 032

Walking with Grandma in the Park, NYC.

And of course, playing with Grandma Maddie.
IMG_5598Mirah in NYC and home 5-6-09 099