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you are so cute I almost can't handle it.

love you,


Mirah takes a stand!

Mirah loves animals. She's seen polar bears in her books. She "told" me that she wants to see a real one someday. I hope that she will.


Happy 7 months, Mirah!!!


Little Miss M,

Well, well, well Missy. You are seven months old now. And of course, you are the embodiment of change. In the past month you have done this......

1. Started using a sippy cup. Daddy and I think you are extra talented with the sippy cup because we know babies much (well, months) older that aren't able to hold their own cup and drink. Is drinking from a sippy cup an Olympic event? Because we think we you could be a champion.

2. Food... back on!!! Yes! All it took was the introduction of sweet potatoes and you were a solid food girl again. Then you tried peas, pears, apples, and carrots. All were deemed acceptable. I am relieved. I think the texture of the bananas and avocado threw you off. I'm going to try making some food for you now. I will make sure to blend it to princess levels of smoothness.

3. You sit like a pro now. I don't even have to surround you with pillows anymore. Occasionally you lose your balance, but you've figured out how to tuck your shoulder and roll. Pretty smooth, Mirah. I LOVE the sitting ability. It has given me new freedom. I can put you on your blanket with some toys and voila! I can maybe cut up an apple or something. I am enjoying this stage as much as I can because I know that you don't plan on being immobile for long. That brings me to your next new skill...

4. Getting up on your hands and knees and sometimes all fours! The hands and knees thing started when you realized you could rock forward from sitting. Daddy and mommy helped you with this by putting your favorite toys juuuuust out of reach. I wish I could explain in words the look you got on your face when you saw something you really wanted to get at. First, your lips tightened up. Then your brow furrowed illustrating the deepest level of concentration. Finally the arms came out in front with your hands curled in kinda like a ballerina, but not so much worried about elegance. From here you started to bounce your arms (elbows out and eyebrows stilled furrowed) until you gain enough momentum to move your body forward. Whew. It's quite a process, but in the past weeks you have streamlined it and now it happens lickety split.

5. Looks like you might be crawling soon. When you're up on all fours you look at us in amazement and with a bit of confusion... hmmm.. what to do I do next? Keep trying little Monkey girl. You'll figure it out one day and from that day forward NONE of our lives will ever be the same.

6. Did I mention you like change? Well, here's a change that I am not so fond of. It's called "Mirah's asleep...... op, I guess not!" For being a rather non-structured person I am quite proud of our little bedtime routine. I will spare the details because they are not all that fascinating. The important part is the last step, you know, the one where I lay you down in your crib and you drift off into a deep and peaceful sleep? Well, you've caught on to the last step. And you've got other plans. You give me your usual sleepy Mirah look and sometimes you even appear to be actually asleep. It is at this point that I usually lay you down in your crib. Little Mirah 6.5 months and younger would've just rolled to her side and gone to sleep for the night. But new Mirah.... no way! As soon as you feel the mattress on your cheek you fling your body from side to side and look up at me with this, "not so fast mama!" and your eyes goes open as wide as they can to prove how incredibly NOT tired you are. But alas, I am your mama always on a mission to develop newer and better tricks. I can tell you them now because, well, you can't read. And when you can, I hope I not still using these tricks. Anyway, here's what I do.... Mirah plays the awake game. Quickly mama rolls her over to her tummy (her absolute favorite sleeping position), mama manuevers both arms out to your sides and turns your head and guides it down toward the mattress. Sometimes if I do this with the ultimate fluidity I can lock you into your favorite, almost irresistible sleeping position, and your out! Sometimes I have to do it a couple times in which it looks a bit like baby wrestling. More than two failed attempts using leaves me with my only last resort. The straight jacket mama cuddle hold and rock. For this one, I have to take you out of the crib, hold you in my arms and tuck your arms and legs down so that you cannot move. Then I tip your head back so that it is hanging down lower than the rest of your body (for some reason the head dangle is a very important element in this move). From here I have to bounce and make stacato shush, shush, shush, sounds very vigorously until you can't hold onto your awake life any longer. It sounds complicated but when implemented as only a determined parent can do, it can result in sleep in a matter of minutes. So there you have it. I've got tricks for you even when you try to change it up on me. Some may ask, why don't you just leave her in there until she goes asleep on her own. And I say, to each there own. These are our tricks and I actually kinda like them.

7. Arms out to mama and dada. This one came unexpectedly. For some reason, I thought babes took much longer to do this. Everyone knows this move. It's a classic. Baby is held by one person. Another person enters the room. Baby wants to be held by new person. Baby leans toward the new person with arms out reached!! Best feeling ever if you are the entering person. Both daddy and I like this one so much that we do it over and over just to make ourselves feel good.

I think that is a good summation of your recent accomplishments. I have a funny story that I can't let go untold. You'll like this. It shows how tired and out of it your mama is some days....

I don't remember the exact circumstance, but one day when mama was running around trying to get things together. You were crying and daddy was holding you. I couldn't find your paci. Then when I did, I ran it over, HOWEVER, instead of putting it in your mouth. I tried to put it in daddy's!!!!! Oh my goodness. I actually tried to give the paci to your daddy! Wow. Crazy mommy.

Ok, sweetheart. You've been napping for too long now. It's my turn to wake you up. Happy seven months. Every day we love you more. Even when we think it impossible.