Mirah and Daddy

Here's another video

Play time with Mirah!

Have you been waiting to see Mirah smile and make cute little baby sounds? Then you need to click HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 2 months, Mirah!


Horray for Mirah! Today she is 2 months old! Wow. To celebrate Mommy is going to take her to the expensive baby clothes store to return the clothes she bought last week with Auntie Amy. Amy, I know you think I'm crazy, but I just have to do it. Mirah, with your leakage record, my dear, we are going to have to wait for the expensive stuff.

After that, Mommy and her friend Juliet are going to the outlet mall to BARGAIN shop for baby clothes. Who do I sound like now? Great Grandma Gunlikson, maybe?

At 2 mos. What Mirah can do:
1. smile
2. laugh
3. say "agooo," "ack," and "epistemology"
4. behave at mommy/baby exercise class (yes!)
5. fall asleep on her own (yes! x2)
6. eat from a bottle (horray x3)

What Mirah won't do:
1. burp easily for mommy at 3am (instead she grunts all night and then belts out an earth-shaker at 7am)
2. sleep more than 4 hrs in a row at night. (4 hours is actually a huge improvement over the every 2 hour thing she was stuck on for a while.)
3. nap in her cradle for more than 20 minutes, on our bed she'll do 2+ hours, though. Figures.

So, we'll keep working on the sleep thing. I know you've got an all-nighter in you, Mirah. Stay tuned we'll be posting some new videos soon.



Auntie Amy (who is hot and single) visited again!

Auntie Amy was in CT again visiting us. We had a wonderful time of course. Amy really helped me (Sara) out a lot since Mirah was going through a fussy stage and not sleeping very well.
On my birthday she used her brilliant baking skills and made me a very delicious Tres Leches cake.... yum.

Auntie at work while I talk on the phone... hehehe.

Chubby Cheeks being burped by Auntie.

Mirah looked very beautiful in one of the MANY outfits given to her by Auntie A.

Cuddling together, something Mirah and Auntie do a lot! On one occasion Mirah was lying on A's chest and she pushed herself up with her arms. Auntie was so proud!

Mirah loves the Golden Girls!


Forget about the regular children's songs this Mirah-belle loves for us to sing her 80's sitcom theme songs, especially the Golden Girls!


Other favorites include:

Facts of Life
Growing Pains
Who's The Boss
Full House

Happy Spring!!

Today Daddy put Mirah in a spring dress!! Mommy was very tired from a series of long nights, but seeing this sight brightened her day!!!

Spring is here! Horray!


Mommy's birthday

Hi. It's Mommy here. It was my birthday on the 16th and we had a great day. Auntie Amy is here. She and Daddy took care of things so that I was able to relax and spend time with Mirah. Here we are resting. Mirah loves to hold up her little pinky. She placed it on my lower lip while I talked on the phone. What a funny girl!

Little Mirah got me a balloon and beautiful spring flowers!

We took Mirah to the Natural History Museum. I just wanted an excuse to stroll her around.
I kept saying look how cute Mirah looks here...... and over here.... and here!

Mirah saw a T-Rex

primate skulls

And bears..... Oh My!

It was a wonderful birthday. Thank you Nick, Mirah, and Amy!

Here's a video of Mirah playing with the balloon she gave mommy for her birthday.


Here's a video of Mirah in her swing...just a swingin'....

Mirah has some new friends


Mirah had some friends come over for a visit this week--- Tai and Juliet. Tai just turned one in February. He was very curious about Mirah and really wanted to touch her. Tai's mom, Juliet, is a great friend of mine (Sara:)). She's been such a great person to know as I went through pregnancy and now have entered into motherhood. I promise I will get a pic of her up here sometime where you can actually see her!

Notable events from the last week

1. Mirah started bottle-feeding. This makes Mommy's life a little easier.

2. Mirah received her first piece of mail!!

3. Mirah is getting pudgy little toes!!!

4. Mirah discovered the joy of her pacifier!!!

What a week!!!!

Grandpa Bill and Grandma Linda were here!

More Grandparents!!! Can you believe it?!? This girl has lots of people who love her!! This past week Grandpa Bill and Grandma Linda came by to meet little Mirah.

Grandpa and Mirah rocking together and contemplating the mysteries of life.

In the arms of Grandma Linda.

New swing!! Yay! And the grandparents even put it together!

First Stroll

Mommy was very excited to take Mirah on her first stroller walk!!! It was a little windy so we only strolled for a couple blocks but Mirah sure seemed to like it!!! Soon it will be Spring and she'll be going all over the neighborhood.

New photo gallery


Mommy picked out some of her favorite photos from when Mirah was first born until now. Take a look here!!!!

Dancing with Daddy!

Daddy took his little girl out dancing tonight. Check it out!!!
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