Mirah Meets Kailani


Last weekend we took a day trip to RI to visit the Hart-Thackers. (HERE is a link to the gallery) Mirah was feeling like she needed to see some fam her own age. So off we went to introduce M to her 2nd cousin Kailani Dove. It was a fantastic day. The weather was perfect. Rebekah and Eddie got to surf a bit. Mirah took a nap on the beach. Kailani found the perfect holding rock. It felt great to be out in the fresh air.

It was so much fun to see the two gals together. Kailani was quite fascinated with Mirah. She especially liked touching her head. She must know that much wisdom resides in that little noggin. Rebekah cooked up a delicious and very healthy meal with greens from their beautiful garden. We ate and the little ones chatted it up on the bed. It sounded like this....

Mirah : aihhhh, gooooo, eeeehhhh!!!

Kailani: eiiiihhh, gaiiiiii, gaaaaaa !!!!!

and so on...

Which most likely meant something like.....

M: "My mom is soooooooo weird" "She, like, totally embarrasses me ALL the time"
K: "I know, cuz." "I know" "Mom's are weird"

and so on.....

Mirah slept on the drive home. Dad drove. We got home around 11:30pm. Exhausted. Bed calling to us. HOWEVER, as soon as we got into the house little M decided it was time to party it up. I, the weird Mom, did not get her to sleep until 1:30am. Next morning..... travel hangover.

This Monday we travel to ND to visit M's grandparents. Getting to North Dakota is about as easy as flying to some remote village in Uzbekistan. If we can make it to ND in one piece, we can go anywhere.

New Galleries: May Mommy's favs and Washington D.C.

I am really tired so I won't write much. I have added two new galleries, click here.

We went to Washington D.C. for Memorial Day weekend. It was a wonderful trip. The weather was beautiful. Chatta made us feel like we were at a bed and breakfast. Mike and Nick cooked some delicious dinners. And Grandma Sue and Auntie Amy loved up Little M every chance they got.

Mirah got to take in some sights. Here she is visiting the ol' Dub's house. (She can't wait for 2009!) Go Obama!!!