I have to announce that Mirah has now walked across an entire room! Her bedroom! Yay, Mirah!

Also, I forgot to mention on the last post, that her peek-a-booing has evolved. She now will hold a blanket, hankerchief, shirt...etc. in front of her face and when we say, "Where's Mirah?" She pulls it away!!! We love it.

Happy 11 months, Mirah!


Time is going too fast. You're almost 1 now and I haven't even mentioned your 11 month milestones!!

Here's what you've been doing recently....

1. Drum roll please!!!!! You are WALKING!!! Yep. It's been a long time in the making, but you are now moving yourself from place to place on your own two feet. You haven't exactly crossed an entire room yet, but you're regularly going about 8-10 steps at a time. Needless to say, your parents are very proud.

2. Eating much more finger foods. Over the holiday vacation in North Dakota you became very good at feeding yourself. You love bananas, cheese, bread (fave), Great Grandma Gunlikson's meatballs and potatoes, and various types of meat crumbles such as sausage, ground turkey, and ground beef. You still prefer most of your vegetables pureed. You are funny about food preparation. You will gnaw on an apple, but refuse applesauce made with the exact same pureed apples. You love pureed carrots, but you scoff at the mini cooked carrots. I guess they seem like different things when prepared in different ways. *Edit* I guess you don't like carrots in ANY form. At least this week anyway.

3. Tooth number five in! You now have 2 on top and 3 on bottom. I believe the sixth is about ready to show itself because your night sleep has been a little more interrupted these past two weeks.

4. And so we must talk about the inevitable---- sleep. I've been trying some new things with you lately at bedtime. I'm trying to teach you to put yourself to sleep without being rocked. I am attempting to do this with little to no crying. I'll let you know how it goes.

5. You drink from a cup like a big girl. That is with no sippy spout, just a plain old cup. I think you are actually more effective when you drink from a cup, too. Sometimes with a sippy you get kinda playful and end up spitting out most of the water.

6. You're cool with a babysitter. Since we don't have family in town and we are on a strict budget, we haven't had you in daycare or even had a babysitter. Over the break you spent a lot of time alone with your grandparents and you got used to being away from mom and dad for short periods of time. Just this week I decided that I needed to do something special for myself and so I got a gym membership. Babysitting is included. YES! And to my utter joy, you are okay with hanging out in the babysitting room while I get some exercise. Wow. It's pretty much changed my life. So thank you, my dear, for being so adaptable. Mommy really appreciates it.

One little side note, today we had a special Mommy and Mirah moment. You were tired and almost ready for a nap, but not quite there yet. So we sat down in the rocker and read/sang "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "Hush Little Baby" together. You were so nice and calm that you just rested your head on my shoulder and I sang. Periodically you would lift your head up just to look at me and then lie in back down to take in the song. What a great moment together. Thanks for giving me that.

I need to go rest for a bit, while you nap. See your smiling eyes soon, but not TOO soon. (hehehehe).

love you my sweet M,

Mirah's 1st Christmas

As the pictures show, Mirah had great fun at Christmas. Being the only grandchild, she was inundated with presents. Here are some pics from our time at home. See more in the photo gallery page.IMG_3875IMG_7898IMG_3881IMG_3879IMG_3939IMG_3931IMG_7945IMG_3977IMG_7884IMG_8035IMG_3970IMG_3871IMG_3927IMG_3968IMG_3960IMG_3961

Trip to the ER

We have finally returned from our great arctic adventure to North Dakota! Today it's cold in Connecticut, but it is still nothing compared to the frigidity that those tough folk have to endure. Enough about the weather now. Our time in Williston was wonderful. Mirah got to spend lots of time with all of her grandparents and great grandparents. Nick and I enjoyed loads of freedom as the grandparents were so eager to babysit. We had only one set back on the trip. Mirah's trip to the ER on Christmas Eve Eve. Here's the story.... My mom (Mirah, that's Grandma Maddy) teaches a spinning class that I loved attending. On the night of class, Nick offered to watch Mirah and my friend Melissa's girls (ages 3 and 16 months). Before we left for class I made Melissa's girls a quick snack. Peanut butter sandwiches (dun, dun, DUN!) I didn't think of the fact that Mirah could end up getting some of it. I feel like I should've, but I didn't. Class was great. When we got home Nick, his mom (Grandma Sue), and (Auntie) Amy were there. As soon as I walked in the door he says, "we've had a bit of an emergency." "What?" I asked. "Mirah has hives again." She's gotten them before, so I wasn't initially too worried. However, once I saw my poor baby girl's swollen face I became more concerned. We were to give her some Benadryl, but because the box isn't labeled for her age we weren't sure how much. After recommending the Benadryl to Nick, my dad (Grandpa Bill) stepped out to pick up his dinner. Nick realized he hadn't gotten the dosage information from him. From there, we call everyone in town whom we thought might be able to reach him. Calls were going all over the place and finally we got a dosage from the pharmacy, I think we also talked with Dr. (Great Aunt) Lenhart out in WI, too. After the Benadryl, not much happened. In fact, she starting coughing. At that point we were worried and decided to take her in to the ER. Also, by that time we had talked with G. Bill and he suggested giving her a little more Benadryl. We all jumped in G. Susan's very wonderfully accomodating Acadia and headed to the ER. Shortly thereafter, Mirah started to look better. She must have been feeling better because she got very talkative and animated. I think the Benadryl made her hyper. We had a couple nurses look her over and finally she got some Prednizone. The nurse said her airway was swollen, a sign of allergic reaction. Argh. We're not certain what caused it, but it is likely to be the peanut butter. I've always loved that stuff and now I can hardly eat it. Not knowing for sure, we are going to be safe and keep her away from nuts for a good long time. It will be a topic of discussion at our next Dr's visit. Luckily the Prednizone worked like a charm and by morning Mirah was chipper, welt-free, and ready to celebrate Christmas! Whew.

Just wanted you to know....

Hi Mirah,

I've got a lot of catching up to do here on this blog, but I just wanted to tell you a quick something. Last night I sat down at the computer to update your pictures and write a couple blog entries. To my horror, I opened up the blog document and........... NOTHING..........NO POSTS..............ALL GONE! I was shocked, worried, and trembling at the thought that all this work I've done here was gone. Your dad was in bed and I hesitated in waking him, but I was kinda freaking out. I told him what happened. I had to repeat myself several times and then he asked, "Where are we?" Poor dad was really out of it. I explained to him what happened and then I went out to see if I could come up with some panacea for the situation (cool word. still remember it from 8th grade vocab). I didn't expect Dad to get out of bed, I just needed to tell him what happened to see if he had any suggestions. Knowing me and how I am in the face of potentially great data loss, he stumbled out to my desk to help. With his tired eyes barely open and his face two inches from the screen (contacts out for the night, glasses, well....broken), he navigated around my hard drive trying to retrieve the missing posts, that is, all of them. I was feeling helpless and frantic, which made me particularly annoying. He still continued to search and search. We were able to pull the file 85% complete from my back-up hard drive. I've just finished copying from online and pasting into the document the small bit that was gone. And I've got it all back to together again. And now to my point, YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL FATHER AND I, A WONDERFUL HUSBAND. He would do anything for us. He never ceases to amaze me by how far he will go for his family. We are truly blessed. Just wanted you to know that.

love you,