Raise your hand if you're one month old today!


Fours weeks ago today, little Mirah decided she was ready to enter this world. With her in our lives we have discovered the magic of parenthood and with that came:
1. Life without sleep
2. Four trips to the doctor's office (two routine, one eye infection and one cradle cap/baby acne)
3. Two phone calls to the New Mommy's hotline suggesting we bring her to the emergency room (didn't do it, over reaction on their part)
4. Bodily fluids projected at us from all ends
5. Cute smiles
6. The best cuddles ever
7. Experiencing the joy that a new baby can bring to an entire family

You are a wonderful little person, our sweet Mirah. We look forward to all the months ahead.

Dancing with Mommy

Here is a video of Mommy and Mirah.

The Krolls were here!!!

The Kroll family was all together to meet Mirah last week. We had a great time together. Here are some pictures of that show just how much Mirah is loved by her family.

Grandma Susan rocked and rocked little Mirah while Grandpa Larry...
slept and cuddled with his baby doll.

Auntie Chatarina and Auntie Amy snuggled with the little one...
And Uncle Mike and Mirah nestled to become good friends.

Grandma Susan is here!

Grandma Susan arrived today. As you can see, it didn't take her long to get comfortable. Two phones, a coupon book from Babies-R-Us, some peanuts, some baby books, a rattler, a diet Coke, and most important little Mirah. Mirah already loves Grandma Susan very much. When Grandma rocks her, she falls into a deep comfortable sleep.

2 weeks doctor visit

Mirah had her two week doctor visit today. She is a very healthy little girl. She has already gained over one pound!! Mommy and Daddy don't like to brag but most babies have only gained back their birth weight in two weeks. Another noteworthy event: MIRAH ROLLED ONTO HER SIDE!!! Wow!! She is quite an amazing little girl. Who knows what great accomplishment is next.

To be young and loved

We love you MIrah!!!

Grandma Madelene's visit

Grandma Madelene had to go back to North Dakota today. We had a great time together. Grandma did lots of cooking and cleaning to help Mommy and Daddy. Plus, she spent many hours holding Mirah so the she would feel warm, cozy, and loved.

Mirah and Daddy catching up on some sleep


Early V-day present

Daddy bought Mommy and Mirah an early Valentine's Day present. He saw these cookies at the store and couldn't resist getting something special for his two sweethearts.

Another bath with Daddy

Mirah had another bath with her Daddy today. She was a very good girl, as usual. There are more pics here.

Getting her nails done

Mirah received her first manicure today.

Uncle Scott and Adriana

Uncle Scott came to visit again today and he brought Adriana with him. Adriana brought a gift for Mirah, a really cute outfit. What a lucky girl. We put her in it right away and she looked as pretty as ever. Mirah says thank-you and she hopes to be seeing a lot more of Uncle Scott and Adriana.

No more cord!!!

The last of Mirah's umbilical cord fell off today. She has the cutest little belly button!!

Great Aunt Kate

Mirah's Great Aunt Kate visited today. She was in Hartford for meetings and lucky for us she had some time to drive up and see our little girl. Kate thought that Mirah looked a lot like Daddy. The next morning Daddy overheard Mommy telling Grandma Madelene that she hoped that some of her traits were passed on to Mirah. Daddy thought to himself that Mirah would be a lot prettier if she looked like a girl rather than a boy. So, he hopes that Mirah looks like Mommy too.

First Bath

Daddy gave Mirah her fist bath today. She squirmed quite a bit but Daddy made sure his little girl was clean. He cleaned all the precious folds in her skin and also washed her hair. Daddy loved how Mirah would grab Daddy's thumb for comfort. After her bath, Mirah feel into a deep sleep.

Grandma Madelene

Grandma Madelene arrived today. She has the following message for Mirah.

"We all are so excited and so happy to have you in our world! You have the most loving and caring parents and many, many other family members who love you too! You are a very special little girl and your Grandma Maddy loves you so very much!!"

Mirah is home!!

Mommy and Daddy were so excited to finally have Mirah home with us. Steve made Mirah a mix cd so when we got home we played it for her while we took turns rocking her. Mommy and Daddy both cried because they were so overjoyed. We had no problems at night. Being the sweet little girl she is, Mirah slept most of the night. Mommy and Daddy also held her all through the night. As the picture shows, we couldn't put our beautiful girl down for a moment. We love you Mirah and thank you for giving us such a wonderful night.

On the way home

This is Mirah on the way home from the hospital. This is also her first ride in a car. Mommy sat in the back with her and Daddy drove very carefully.

Leaving the hospital


This is Mirah's last moments at the hospital. We were so excited to bring her home. The picture shows the first outfit Mirah ever wore. It was a gift from Auntie Chatarina and Uncle Mike. She's a very lucky girl. She's already received so many presents. She says "Thank-You" to you all

A good little suckler

We found out that Mirah loves to suckle. She had no problems latching on and when she is upset she likes to suckle on Daddy's pinky.

Uncle Scott


Uncle Scott came to visit Mirah. It was the first time he held a newborn. He did a great job. Plus, he brought a gift for Mirah, one that will let everyone that she is truly a Brooklyn girl.



On Mirah's first night at the hospital, Daddy held her all night. Of course, Mommy had to feed her but besides that Daddy made sure she felt warm and loved. And he loved every minute of it...even when he was sleeping.


Mommy was so happy to finally hold Mirah in her arms. She stayed really relaxed in labor and things went so well that the nurses called her their "birthing idol". While she was tired after the big event, this smile stayed on her face for hours and hours and hours.

Hello World!!

Happy Birth Day Mirah!! You were born February 1st 2008 at 11:15pm. Mommy called Daddy at 5(pm), we went to the hospital at 9, and at 11:15 you were in Mommy's arms and Daddy was looking at his beautiful little girl.

We hope to be the best parents we can be and to show you that with a bunch of love in your heart the world is magical place. We love you and happy birth day once again.

(By the way, Daddy was wondering if this is your "zero" birthday or just your birth day...You'll see he thinks about weird stuff like this a lot.)