Happy 10 months Mirah!


Hey sweetie pumpkin,

You are now 10 months old. We better do our monthly recap of what you've been up to....

1. Sleep. Yes. Still good. You go 8 hours now, wake up for a snack, and then back to bed. Theoretically you don't even need the snack, but I am not ready to close the all night diner just yet.

2. Eating. You are still a puree food girl. With the exception of cheerios, or Miriohs as Dad calls them, you still like to have your food blended. I usually offer you tidbits of whatever I've pureed for you so that you have the chance to feed some to yourself. This morning you had a couple bits of chicken sausage and you seemed to really like it.

3. Diaper Change= worse possible thing to occur in all possible worlds! Ironically this used to be one of your favorite things. Before you could roll over and crawl away you loved these moments of one-on-one with Mom or Dad. We enjoyed it too, because to be honest the task at hand was not always that pleasant. It helped to have sweet smiles while we changed you out of your stinkies. Now, things are different. As a prep for a diaper change I attempt to find you something interesting, something that you will think is so great that you won't realize the horrible "torture" you are experiencing. At this point, though, nothing is interesting enough. As soon as the back of your head touches the changing pad...meltdown.

4. Future Bronc rider? You've always had this really unique expression that you make when you are excited about something. It's hard to explain, but you kinda tighten you lips and start to bounce around. Recently you've been doing this a lot while we are holding you on our hip and you added a leg kick to it so that you look like your riding a bucking bronco. Awesome.

5. Music LOVER! Dad has been playing guitar for you a lot these days. As soon as the guitar comes out you get that excited look and scoot yourself as fast as you can up to him. You love to strum the strings. We've started a music group with some other parents and babes. It's pretty fantastic and I feel so fortunate to provide you with such a great experience. I really want to learn the guitar now so that I can sing and play music with you too. You know, we're totally going to have a family band soon!

6. Peek-a-Boo. You have now learned to be the Peek-a-booer. When we're in the kitchen together and you are in the Pack' n Play you will duck your head down so that I can't see you (mama: "Where's Mirah?) and then pop up again, when of course I excitedly say, "Oh, there she is!" If this game is allowing me to cook dinner then I am willing to play endlessly.

7. Mama's girl. This one is great, but can be exhausting. You pretty much want to be near me all the time. Luckily I have a great carrier where you can hang out on my back and I can do somethings around the house while you chill like my little baby monkey.

8. Cuddles. You like to rest your head on Mom or Dad's shoulder occasionally and give us little cuddle hugs throughout the day. It's very nice. I think you should give a few more to Daddy, though. He really likes 'em and this whole Mama's girl thing is difficult for him:)!

Well, honey, I need to wrap this up. It's been a very busy month. You're continuously growing and learning. Daddy and Mommy have been working hard on their endeavors, too. Things are heading in a good direction. We love you so much, big 10 month old girl.


Happy Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving we drove down to Uncle Mike and Auntie Chatarina's place in D.C. Grandma Susan and Grandpa Larry flew in as well. Chatarina created a beautiful and delicious meal. Mike made Grandma Kroll's bangs and Amy made Grandma Gunlikson's banana cream pie. Also, Nick and Mike had made G. Gunlikson's pumpkin pie the night before. Yum.

We went to the zoo after the meal and Mirah got to see some a gorillas, tortoises, snakes, a hippopotamus, elephants, and a panda! Grandpa Larry thought he might hire on some chimpanzees after seeing what they could do with rebar.

Mirah had a wonderful time seeing her grandparents and aunties and uncle. For Daddy and I, we got a special treat, some time to ourselves. Grandma and Grandpa watched Mirah in the evenings.... so wonderful.

November Visitors!!

At long last, I am finally posting about our very busy November. The festivities started with a visit from Auntie Amy.
Then Rebecca and Kailani came over for some fun.

And to our surprise Boxhead Jimmy was in the neighborhood! Lucky!