Mirah got her first cold this week. She was all stuffed up and uncomfortable. I had to call Dr. Grandpa Bill because she was VERY UPSET about her clogged nose. Sleeping with the paci pretty much impossible. Luckily, she managed to sleep anyway. She seems to be getting better now. However, like most kids she's got an aversion to having her nose wiped. I only got a couple easy ones and now she just sees the tissue and she starts to do the backbend escape move.

Dear Daddy,


You are the best daddy in the whole wide world (which includes all possible worlds). I love you. Thank you for being so good to mommy and me.


*Go to the photo's page to see more pics of Daddy and me.

Friends at my house!


Here is a picture of some of my friends : Izzie, Hannah and Audrey.
I like my friends.
They came to my house.
We can all sit.
I shared my toys with them.
We had fun.
Mom made banana bread.
I was proud of her.
What is banana bread?


Mirah Salsita!


Mirah celebrated her 1/2 birthday with a little salsa dancing!!!