Some firsts

Mirah had a busy weekend. Now that she's 3 months old she's ready for more adventures, so I am here to provide them for her. First acquisition of the weekend... Mirah's own SUV (aka jogging stroller). Since I am going to be in Dave and Jodi's wedding in June and I gave them my pre-pregnancy dress size (wishful thinking in month 9 of pregnancy), I have a bit of work to do. I thought a jogging stroller would be the answer. I found a good deal on Craigslist and rushed over to get it. On the way home, I realized that Mirah is probably too small for me to actually JOG with her in that stroller. Instruction manual recommends age 6 months for jogging. Bummer. Well, at least we can walk along the beach now. Maybe we'll walk to Massachusetts?!

Next up... baby play mat. And not just ANY play mat for little Mirah. Parenting Magazine's toy of the year. This girl's gotta have skills. With this mat she can practice her focusing skills, her hand/eye coordination skills, her tummy lying skills... Daddy was so excited to see Mirah having so much fun with her new toy that he had to experience it himself.

mirah (1 of 1)

And the final first of the weekend... Mirah went on a walk and faced OUTWARD. Pretty exciting. We walked around the neighborhood and looked at all the pretty trees in bloom.

mirah (1 of 5)

mirah (4 of 5)

mirah (3 of 5)

mirah (5 of 5)

Since I couldn't see her face and this was something new for her, I had to check in with her periodically. The only way I could do this was to catch our reflection in a parked car or hold the camera out and take a pic
IMG_2883 IMG_2882 IMG_2904 IMG_2905 IMG_2906 IMG_2920

I think I'm kinda neurotic.


I am a bit behind on my posts regarding our recent visitors. A few weeks back Mark and John, a couple philosopher friends stopped by to meet Mirah. Here is a pic of Mark with Mirah.

So sweet. John was also so kind to Mirah and taught her a bunch of big words. Unfortunately, I was slacking and didn't get a pic of John and Mirah. Oops.

The next weekend, Uncle Scott and Adriana visited again. We went to the beach,
IMG_2829 IMG_2831

IMG_2836 IMG_2840

hiked to the top of Sleeping Giant,
IMG_2841Mirah 021

And made Uncle Scott develop his child care abilities.

12 weeks old today!



We've been calling you that a lot lately because it seems to suit you. You are a true beauty inside and out. This past month has been a big one for you. Here is what you've been up to:

1. Better Sleep--On the night of April 19, 2008 you slept a record 7.5 hours!! We had spent the previous day at the beach with Uncle Scott and Adriana. You were such a good girl. The day was sunny, but there was a chilly breeze. That day your outfit transformed into something quite strange by the time we left the beach. Here's how it went down... Start-- wearing dress from Grandma Sue (see previous post, and yes, you wore it 2 days in a row!) Next came the sun hat--- a little too big and not all that warm. Then came the pink hoodie for added warmth and to help the sun hat stay on. Then of course we had to add the matching pink pants. All of this and you still had on that dress. You were warm and protected from the sun. Mommy's job was complete. Only thing, you looked like a little bag lady. Sorry, babe.

2. the cutest little sounds-- You've gotten so much more verbal these day. You love to imitate the sounds we make. It's quite amazing. One night Daddy said "hi" to you and you responded with "hi." We looked at each other in shock. "Who took away our little baby and replaced her with a toddler?" You did this one more time and that's been it. No more "hi's " for us. I guess that means you are still a baby. Daddy would also like to note that in response to his "da-da" prompts, you said "aa-aa." Pretty good, but I think you meant to say ma-ma.

3. the best smiles in the world-- The first month of motherhood was quite hard on me. I REALLY like to sleep and I REALLY didn't get to. And with all the new things that come with parenthood, I wondered to myself, "who are these people that have more than one child? Are they super-human?!" And then one day.....

you smiled at me. A real bonified "I'm happy to see you" smile. At that point, I wanted 10 more kids.

4. calm, happy girl personality-- We're really starting to see your charming personality shine through these days. You are such a lovely little gal. You've really gotten good at going places. I am reminded of a Seinfeld episode where Jerry wants George to go with him to the laundromat, and George doesn't want to and Jerry says," Aaaah, come on, be a "come-with" guy." Mirah, you've become my good little "come-with" girl.

5. shrieks and shrills-- There is a fine line between happy and sad I am finding out. One moment you are entertaining yourself with squeaks and squawks of joy and the next second you scream out (a lot louder than before) with hunger. Sometimes I feel like you think I might not feed you........ ever again. I always remind you that your mama will never let you starve. And being that you were in the 95th percentile for weight at your last doctor's visit, you are far from starving.

Well, I think that about sums it up. I better go get you out of your swing or you will sleep the whole day and we all know what that means for your nightime sleep!

Congratulations, little Mirah, on becoming 3 months old! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us next.



Pretty Dress


Here I am in a pretty dress from Grandma Sue!



Ready for my black belt

Since becoming a parent, I've noticed an erosion of my ability to recall information. I thought the pregnancy induced preg-nesia was bad, little did I know that mom-nesia was right around the corner. It has happened more than once that I have had to abandon a story mid-stream because I couldn't remember enough of the pertinent information to make it worth telling. Therefore when I picked up a Sudoku book for Nick the other day and chose level "brown belt" - namely, hard to solve puzzles, I figured I wouldn't even give them a go. Nick's been using these puzzles as a respite from the frustrations of dissertation writing. Since he is in full-writing mode these days he is blowing through the puzzles like he's Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator.


As it turns out, I did finally take a shot at the "hard to solve" problems. And what did I discover? It appears that my waning recall skills, have been replaced by a super ability to problem solve. I've been blowing through them like...


Tonight as I rocked Mirah to sleep I happily solved two puzzles like it was nothing. When she looked like she was sleeping deeply enough I transferred her to her cradle. As I walked away in the darkness, I wondered about my newfound ability. I looked back at the little one sleeping in her cradle and realized that parenting involves a tremendous amount of
attempts at problem solving. The difference between parent problem solving and the Sudoku kind is that with the latter a clearly defined solution is possible.

Aaaaahhh, sweet relief. Like Nick, I feel the relief of the frustrations by filling in the blanks and KNOWING that I have made the correct decision.

With all the wonderful challenges my sweet little Mirah brings about in an average day, I think I better go get the "black belt" level Sudoku book. And with the great words of Vanilla Ice, sing to myself

"if there was a problem yo, I'll solve it."

April gallery- part one

I took some pics of Mirah the other morning and I just couldn't wait til the end of the month to post them. Click here to see the cutie-pie.

It's good to be the baby!


Happy Friday!



At the pub


It should be noted that our little precious angel allowed us a dinner out on Saturday afternoon. We went to a little irish pub near our house for burgers. The weather was warm, the sun was shining, we had gone to the park earlier..... it was a true gift of a day. Thank you, my dear.


Mirah's doctor visit


On Monday, little Mirah got her shots. Of course it was painful to watch the little gal shriek from the 3 shots, but we were relieved to know that she will be protected from some very horrific diseases.
Here is a little video of Mirah-belle with Daddy.

March Favs posted

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Mirah and Mommy

Here is ANOTHER video. This time of Mirah and Mommy. We know the Grandparents love to see videos!!!