Auntie Amy (who is hot and single) visited again!

Auntie Amy was in CT again visiting us. We had a wonderful time of course. Amy really helped me (Sara) out a lot since Mirah was going through a fussy stage and not sleeping very well.
On my birthday she used her brilliant baking skills and made me a very delicious Tres Leches cake.... yum.

Auntie at work while I talk on the phone... hehehe.

Chubby Cheeks being burped by Auntie.

Mirah looked very beautiful in one of the MANY outfits given to her by Auntie A.

Cuddling together, something Mirah and Auntie do a lot! On one occasion Mirah was lying on A's chest and she pushed herself up with her arms. Auntie was so proud!