Happy 1st Birthday Mirah!!!!

Wow. What a birthday. It turned out that we celebrated much differently than we had planned, but it worked out nonetheless. A few days before Mirah's birthday party she got sick. We had a full on Vomit-a-thon. Daddy was puked on. Mommy was puked on. Fun. Poor little Mirah. Next up the "D". I can't even say the word I've seen so much of it lately. Uck. After a couple days of that, things started looking up and that all would be well for the 3-girl birthday party (cupcakes, sing-along, pretty dresses...etc). On the night before the party, the mean tummy bug attacked Nick and I. I spent the night heaving and scaring the living daylights out of Mirah. Nick, well, he had the other component. It was a rough, rough night for all of us. Being sick + being a parent = Really, really difficult. I mean....vomit, nurse, vomit. WHAT?! So we made it to Saturday and we felt much better. Nick and I were determined to not let Mirah miss her party. We had an ethical dilemma, however. Should we go to the party, pretend to be well, and risk getting the other kids and parents sick? Well, of course we couldn't. So we stayed home. Initially I got a little choked up about missing the party, but then I realized we could still have a nice day together. AND WE REALLY DID! It was quite simple. Nick and I laid on the couch and watched Mirah run around the house. We watched a movie while she napped. Then the three of us cuddled up on the couch and had some chicken noodle soup, bread and goldfish crackers. (Mirah had a lot more goldfish crackers than I would normally allow, pretty much half the bag). At one point, Nick and I looked at each other and Nick said, "Well, aren't we just the 3 amigos." At that moment it was apparent how much a part of our life little Mirah had become. She was truly one of us. I mean, I guess by definition she always has been, but we could really feel it at that moment. I loved that day.

The next day was Mirah's actual birthday. By now, we were all feeling almost normal. We continued to take it easy and only ventured out for a nice walk in the sunshine. It was a particularly warm day. That was nice. Our friends brought over cupcakes from the party the day before. Mirah opened gifts, although she was clearly tired and didn't have the enthusiasm you'd normally see from her. We sang happy birthday. She was confused by the candle and the tiny cupcake, but she tried it. Eh, she thought. (We'll enjoy something sweet and decadent soon when she's 100%). Mirah talked to her grandparents and aunties and uncles on Skype after that. The whole process took over an hour. It's amazing that she had it in her. Overall, the weekend was a success. We all felt good that we were able to spend so much quality time together celebrating our collective achievement of getting Mirah to 1!!

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