1 year old Big Girl Mirah

Mirah, Mirah, Mirah....

My oh my what a big girl you are becoming. Here's a summary of what you are doing these days....

1. Walking Professional. It's incredible what kind of determination you have. The day you started walking, I mean REALLY walking, was quite a sight. I could see it in your eye that you had made the decision to become a walker. It didn't matter how many times you toppled over you kept getting back up and within hours you were moving from room to room on your own two feet. These days you are right at our heels following Daddy and I around the house. You love to go from room to room to room. And sometimes you just walk circles around the room just because you can. You, as a walking girl, is so amazingly cute. I love it. I especially love to see you come around the corner. I play a little game with you where I go into another room and call to you, "Mirah come here. Come see what Mommy's doing" just so that I can see how cute you are as you walk into the room to see me. It's a simple pleasure, but it makes me smile.

2. Vegetables..... BACK ON! Yes! This one makes me very happy. You were sick all last week and we had to ban you from dairy which happens to be your favorite food group. Before you got sick you were so into cheese and yogurt (ultimate fave) that I could not get you to eat much of anything else. It was starting to worry me a bit. During sick week you ate only bread and bananas since you were banned from dairy and I didn't think you'd actually eat a vegetable. A happy result has followed from the dairy ban. You LOVE vegetables again. I can give you green food, orange food, all sorts of wonderful colors and you eat it right up. Yes. You're still sticking with the pureed stuff, but as long as it gets to your tummy, I'm happy. I think you may have forgotten about ______(rhymes with go-gurt). I told Dad that I think you will need a nice long break from it so that you can realize all the other good food in the world. Horray for peas!

3. Queen of the Protest. Also known as Baby Houdini. You're a gal on a mission these days and anyone who stands in your way will, well, be really tired. That's Mommy these days. Tired. Why? Well, let's see. When I try to do reasonable things like change your dirty diaper or put clothes on you, you turn into Baby Houdini Protest Queen. You have figured out how to contort your body (especially your shoulders) so that it's nearly impossible to hold you. I mean where DO your shoulders go? They are virtually non-existent and you slip right through my grasp. Add a little lotion after a bath and I've got a 20 minute slippery wrestling match. I realize that you are protesting to show me that you have your own intentions and wishes. I understand that and I appreciate your need for independence. The problem is that you really can't go all day with a dirty diaper and leaving the house naked is just not an option. I will continue to work with you on your new found need for independence, but you gotta cut me some slack, too. Go with the flow little pumpkin. I promise I'll let you have plenty of fun in our non-diaper changing time.

4. Put things in. Take them out. Repeat. I have been waiting for you to take an interest in the whole container in and out thing. It's great because you have a lot of fun emptying out the tupperware drawer and dropping your toys in there. Meanwhile, I might actually get lunch made or something. Sometimes when I am drying my hair or putting on makeup in the bathroom you hang out with me and just empty out the bottom drawer. Don't worry, Grandmas, I took out all the razors and dangerous stuff. You make quite a mess, but if I can get my hair dry, I'm willing to pick it all up.

5. Sharing. Today you learned something very nice with Daddy. You learned how to share. Recently you have been bringing things to us to show us, but then you keep them in your hands. I think that maybe you didn't realize that we were asking you to let it go. Today you got it and you starting taking blocks out of the box and handing them to Dad. He was very excited and so you handed him all of the blocks. Very sweet, Mirah.

6. Books. Your favorite "toy" of the moment. You love to take them off the shelf and bring them out into middle of the room and flip through the pages and pretend to read to yourself. It really doesn't get much cuter than that. Especially when you read the book upside down. There is one book that you find extremely hilarious. It's a small photo album book with pictures of your family. Sometimes I hear laughing to yourself and I find you flipping through the pages looking at your grandparents and aunties and uncles. I think it's because you are beginning to make the connection between the picture and the person. Not sure what's so funny, but I'm sure you've got your own private jokes with them or something.

7. Laughing. You laugh at us a lot, too. Which in turns makes us laugh and then makes you laugh harder and then us and so on. Daddy, of course, can really get you going because he does really loud laughing noises and well, they are pretty funny.

8. Sleep. Getting better. We're trying to teach you to put yourself to sleep. We have to be really patient, but after about a 1/2 hour of you bouncing around your crib you flop yourself down and go to sleep. All without crying. At this point we have to stand there and watch the whole event, but eventually we hope you'll do it without an audience. A work in progress, as usual.

9. 6 teeth. Two on top and four on bottom. I have a feeling that you have another top one it's way though due to the 20 minute crying spree yesterday and the day before. Teeth are a pain.... for all of us.

So, my big girl, that's a taste of what life is like with you these days. Exciting, challenging, and ultimately wonderful. We love you so much. Thanks for being our girl.