Happy 16 weeks/almost 4 months!!!

My dearest Mirah,

Last Friday you reached 16 weeks (I classify that as 4 mos, however, by the calendar you won't be 4 months until June 1). You are a big girl now, nonetheless. Your dad and I have really enjoyed watching your sweet personality emerge these past weeks.

What you like now:

1. Sucking on your hand. The more of it you can get in your mouth the better. I tried to give you a teething ring, but you just gagged and gave me this "gross, mom!" look.

2. Morning exercises with Daddy. These activities include lots of sitting, standing, and tummy time. Wow, you have really improved on the tummy thing. Before morning exercises, you looked like a little mole trying to plow your way around with your face into the ground. Now you've figured out how to hold your head up and look around. Sometimes you even roll over onto your back.

3. Standing. You are pretty much obsessed with standing supported. If I could hold you upright all day long you'd be very happy. Your chubby little legs are very strong.

4. Sitting propped up on the big blue chair. Daddy put you in the chair one day and you sat very contently with your arm up on the arm rest. You looked up at us with that "what's going on parents, I'm just chillin' here... say, you got anything good to eat around here?.... and where's the remote?" look.

5. Squawking while getting your diaper changed. I am not sure why you consider this activity the highlight of your day, but you are one happy girl on the changing table. Not only do you squawk, you flail your arms and legs around like a little monkey. We call you our little "Pterodactyl Monkey" (i didn't know that Terodactyl starts with a silent "P!?!" remember that Mirah, you could win a spelling bee someday).

6. Saying "GGggggggggggggggg" to everything.

"Hi Mirah!"
response: "Gggggggggggg........"
"How are you???"
"Oh really?!"
"That's very fascinating"

7. Giggling when we tickle your neck. Oh man, you just started this giggle thing and it's just too much to handle. We love it.

8. Batting at things. All of your dangling toys have become punching and kicking bags for you. You really give 'em a good beating and they just keep smiling...

What you Don't like...

1. Being placed anywhere for more than 5 minutes. You definitely have a station quota now. I used to be able to set you in the bouncer chair and you'd just watch me contently as long as I provided some form of entertainment. Now, you reach your limit and your little body stiffens up and you demand release.

2. You love the bath, but you despise the getting out part. This pretty much eliminates the mellow, evening bath ritual for us. Any attempt has resulted in serious evening meltdown. I guess you're a morning bath girl.

3. You're not a big fan of books at this point. You only let me get about half way through a book before you tense up and try to escape. No worries, we've got time. Daddy only read one book by the time he was 16 and look how smart he is now!

4. The pacifier falling out. Ohhh, I have a love/hate relationship with that thing. Thank goodness you no longer need me for nighttime pacifier patrol (pacifier falls out, M wakes and mommy has to put it back it). Not fun. It's funny... you can be fine without it, but if you have it in and it falls out. Watch out. I've only got seconds to get it back in.

Well, sweet little M, mommy needs to get off this computer and get some rest. I love you my dear. Thank you for being so you.

much love,



more pics from Mirah's big DC adventure coming soon!!!