Grandma Susan's Visit!

Grandma Susan made a spontaneous visit out here right before Easter! As you can see by the video Mirah had a wonderful time with her Grandma.

They went for many walks together. Grandma would just have to say, "Mirah let's go for a walk!" And Miss M would run over and grab Grandma's hand. It was very sweet to see. Nick and I got to go out one night. It was great. We realized it had been a really long time since we had gone anywhere together at night. And of course, wonderful Grandma did some cleaning while she was here.

Cousin Rebecca, Kailani, and Great Aunt Karen came over for an afternoon together too! Mirah and Kailani took turns pushing the babies around in the stroller and swapping apples. Hopefully we will have more fun times together with the Hart-Thackers this summer!