Uncle Mike, Auntie Chatarina, Uncle Scott, and Auntie Adriana came to visit

We have been so blessed with family visits lately!! The Aunts and Uncles came (A. Amy is coming in Nov.) to see us recently. Uncle Mike very happily brought along his shiny new X Box 360 so that he and Nick could play "Rock Band" together. Mirah was sleeping when they arrived, somehow they managed to rock out and she snoozed away. Chatta and I even got to play a tiny bit. The next morning Scott and Adriana arrived. Mike got to eat Indian food for lunch. This made him very happy and it's important to keep this uncle happy. Then we ended up going for a boat ride around the Thimble Islands. They are small islands with mansions on them. The weather was windy and chilly. We managed to have a good time anyway. Nick stressed out both of the Uncles by taking Mirah up and down the stairs of the boat to several times. I wasn't phased. I am used to that level of energetic exploration and I'm glad M's got an adventurous papa.

Nick had big plans to make a delicious Cuban meal for us all, but due to the fact that the electricity was out all morning, his plans were delayed. After a series of unfortunate events (the most unfortunate being finding the oven OFF after the roast had been "roasting" for 1/2 of the 3 hour roast time- I swear I didn't do it), we ended up opting for pizza. We did get to eat the cake he made from a new cookbook we have. It was very tasty and used agave nectar instead of sugar (there goes your nerdy mom again, Mirah). Everyone was very satisfied, but Nick with his high hopes, was a little disappointed.

It was such a fun time to have all of them here. Mirah fit in quite well with the group and she beamed with joy all weekend. Except for one moment....


Uncle Mike "shared" his B with Mirah. The picture says it all.