Ready for my black belt

Since becoming a parent, I've noticed an erosion of my ability to recall information. I thought the pregnancy induced preg-nesia was bad, little did I know that mom-nesia was right around the corner. It has happened more than once that I have had to abandon a story mid-stream because I couldn't remember enough of the pertinent information to make it worth telling. Therefore when I picked up a Sudoku book for Nick the other day and chose level "brown belt" - namely, hard to solve puzzles, I figured I wouldn't even give them a go. Nick's been using these puzzles as a respite from the frustrations of dissertation writing. Since he is in full-writing mode these days he is blowing through the puzzles like he's Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator.


As it turns out, I did finally take a shot at the "hard to solve" problems. And what did I discover? It appears that my waning recall skills, have been replaced by a super ability to problem solve. I've been blowing through them like...


Tonight as I rocked Mirah to sleep I happily solved two puzzles like it was nothing. When she looked like she was sleeping deeply enough I transferred her to her cradle. As I walked away in the darkness, I wondered about my newfound ability. I looked back at the little one sleeping in her cradle and realized that parenting involves a tremendous amount of
attempts at problem solving. The difference between parent problem solving and the Sudoku kind is that with the latter a clearly defined solution is possible.

Aaaaahhh, sweet relief. Like Nick, I feel the relief of the frustrations by filling in the blanks and KNOWING that I have made the correct decision.

With all the wonderful challenges my sweet little Mirah brings about in an average day, I think I better go get the "black belt" level Sudoku book. And with the great words of Vanilla Ice, sing to myself

"if there was a problem yo, I'll solve it."