Mirah... almost 17 months!


Mirah, my sweet, again I am behind. Such is life these days. We have been very busy. Momma is growing her business. Daddy is teaching and finishing up his dissertation. You, my girl, have been up to a lot as well. Off the top of my head, here is what you have been up to....

1. Communication! Every day you say a new word. Here are the words (or alleged) words we have heard from you:

Dada, Mama, Daddy, Apple (favorite word alert!), Uh-oh (it’s ridiculously cute when your own child says it),
Birds = “-ds”
Avocado = cada cado ...favorite food
Grandma = gamma
Up = Uu (with a very slight “p”)
Out = Ow (no real “t” yet)
Hi = Hi ( with an almost silent H)
Audrey her bff = Di-Di

I really need to go to bed so I am going to finish this later. I promise.

Ok, I’m back! More words for Mirah...

Water (wa wa)
Yogurt (sounds more like Go-Gurt)

2. Toddler Fasting. With all this talking it seems that eating has gone to the way side. Right now the only two things you will reliably eat....... chicken nuggets and fish sticks. Not exactly what I had envisioned when I dreamed of what a wonderful parent I would be. Oh well, I’m sure this will pass too. In the meantime I will keep giving you wonderful fruits and vegetables with the hopes that one day you will venture out and try something new. Let me tell you, you WANT to try mango. It’s pretty much one of the best things to eat... ever.

3. Dancy-Dance! You love your microphone that plays music. It instantly puts you in a dancey dance mood. You have two main dance moves: 1. the sway 2. the spin (you walk in a circle for what’s gotta be an uncomfortably long time). The best part about ‘the spin’ is that you put a very serious look on your face. It must require a great deal of concentration to keep going in those perfect circles.

4. Potty Fascination. You really have no idea what the potty is all about, but you love to have us take your diaper off so that you can sit on it for about.... two to three seconds. We humor you and try to explain to you (with really bad parent-ese what the potty is all about). We hope to get you your own potty soon, although you look really cute when I hold you over the big potty.

5. Toothbrushing. Not your Favorite. Mama’s patience has been really tested with this one, Mirah. Long story short (although I know it won’t be short)... Daddy and I thought your teeth looked yellowish a couple weeks ago. I asked some mama’s friends about it and some suggestions were to brush more times per day (up to 3) and go in to see a dentist. We did both. The extra brushing really helped because when the dentist looked at your teeth, gleaming white pearls shone back up at him. I was both embarrassed and proud. The 3x/day brushing routine is not working so well anymore. The novelty of the electric toothbrush has worn off and you really just want to suck the toothpaste directly out of the tube. Or you want to try to put the cap back on(more on the later). In the evenings at your last brushing, I try to intervene a bit to make sure you are actually getting your teeth cleaned off. This has turned disastrous. I usually just take a thin wash cloth and go in for a quick swipe. Or more accurately now, I go in for a quick painful chomp on the finger. Ouch. Neither of us is happy with this situation, so I think I will give a rest for a while.

6. Lids. Caps. Oh, they are THE BEST! However, don’t you DARE actually put them on anything MOM! Mirah, right now you are fascinated with lids and caps. You will play half the morning with a sippy cup and its lid. You try and try and try to put it on the cup, but because you don’t know about the “twist” part, you never actually get it on. I have made the mistake of showing you how to twist the lid on and the result is a m-e-l-t-d-o-w-n! I guess if the lid is to go on, you are the one to do it (even if you don’t know how yet).

7. Climbing. Running. Laughing. You are a very silly girl, Mirah. Daddy and I have so much fun playing around with you. You always have something fun (and oftentimes funn-y) up your sleeve. Just recently you have figured out how to crawl up on to the sofa. You beam with pride, get down, and do it again. Ah, the pleasures of accomplishment. You also love to run, especially AWAY from us. Of course you think it’s funny and Dad doesn’t help the situation by pretending to be a monster chasing you! As of now, I’m still faster than you, but if and when you become faster than me.... You’ll be in time out. Yep. I’m the strict one apparently. That is becoming more evident every day.

I need to take some time to relax tonight, so I am going to end there. I am hoping to make smaller posts more often. Even if it’s just a quick list of things I want to remember.

I love you, love you, LOVE YOU, Mirah!