Happy 2 months, Mirah!


Horray for Mirah! Today she is 2 months old! Wow. To celebrate Mommy is going to take her to the expensive baby clothes store to return the clothes she bought last week with Auntie Amy. Amy, I know you think I'm crazy, but I just have to do it. Mirah, with your leakage record, my dear, we are going to have to wait for the expensive stuff.

After that, Mommy and her friend Juliet are going to the outlet mall to BARGAIN shop for baby clothes. Who do I sound like now? Great Grandma Gunlikson, maybe?

At 2 mos. What Mirah can do:
1. smile
2. laugh
3. say "agooo," "ack," and "epistemology"
4. behave at mommy/baby exercise class (yes!)
5. fall asleep on her own (yes! x2)
6. eat from a bottle (horray x3)

What Mirah won't do:
1. burp easily for mommy at 3am (instead she grunts all night and then belts out an earth-shaker at 7am)
2. sleep more than 4 hrs in a row at night. (4 hours is actually a huge improvement over the every 2 hour thing she was stuck on for a while.)
3. nap in her cradle for more than 20 minutes, on our bed she'll do 2+ hours, though. Figures.

So, we'll keep working on the sleep thing. I know you've got an all-nighter in you, Mirah. Stay tuned we'll be posting some new videos soon.