Some firsts

Mirah had a busy weekend. Now that she's 3 months old she's ready for more adventures, so I am here to provide them for her. First acquisition of the weekend... Mirah's own SUV (aka jogging stroller). Since I am going to be in Dave and Jodi's wedding in June and I gave them my pre-pregnancy dress size (wishful thinking in month 9 of pregnancy), I have a bit of work to do. I thought a jogging stroller would be the answer. I found a good deal on Craigslist and rushed over to get it. On the way home, I realized that Mirah is probably too small for me to actually JOG with her in that stroller. Instruction manual recommends age 6 months for jogging. Bummer. Well, at least we can walk along the beach now. Maybe we'll walk to Massachusetts?!

Next up... baby play mat. And not just ANY play mat for little Mirah. Parenting Magazine's toy of the year. This girl's gotta have skills. With this mat she can practice her focusing skills, her hand/eye coordination skills, her tummy lying skills... Daddy was so excited to see Mirah having so much fun with her new toy that he had to experience it himself.

mirah (1 of 1)

And the final first of the weekend... Mirah went on a walk and faced OUTWARD. Pretty exciting. We walked around the neighborhood and looked at all the pretty trees in bloom.

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Since I couldn't see her face and this was something new for her, I had to check in with her periodically. The only way I could do this was to catch our reflection in a parked car or hold the camera out and take a pic
IMG_2883 IMG_2882 IMG_2904 IMG_2905 IMG_2906 IMG_2920

I think I'm kinda neurotic.